Northrop Grumman VR
Co-produced Northrop Grumman's first VR video and ngVR smartphone app
(Northrop Grumman Corporation, 2015-16)
Redondo Beach, California — I was introduced to Google Cardboard on November 8, 2015 when it landed on my doorstep packaged with the Sunday edition of the New York Times.  After downloading the app and lifting my jaw from the floor I shared the cardboard goggles with my kids and their friends and witnessed the exuberance as they lined up to explore the world and taste 360 degree videos for the first time.  The next day, I brought the goggles into work and showed them to the team.  We immediately went to work generating Northrop Grumman's first virtual reality video and the ngVR app.
In the 360 degree film, Tom Vice, corporate vice president and sector president, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, extends holiday wishes to employees and their families and gives the world a virtual sneak peak at Aerospace in Motion, Northrop Grumman's Redondo Beach museum. We managed to get the app produced and online by December 15th and the branded goggles were mailed out to employees homes over the holiday season.  Below is a 2D version of the holiday message:
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