STEAM Interviews
Produced a thought-leadership interview series spotlighting artists and their roles within engineering culture
(Northrop Grumman Corporation, 2017)
Redondo Beach, California — In May of 2017, I published the first of a series of interviews highlighting the juxtaposition of artists working within traditionally technical environments. The series aims to cast a wider net of engagement beyond the reach of traditional aerospace audiences — in this case to engineers enthralled with the arts who may never have considered a career in aerospace. Secondarily, these stories spark pride and enthusiasm amongst existing employees who know the subjects and appreciate their work. In one case, the artist's story was met with such enthusiasm, the corporate magazine chose to feature him on their cover and produce the video above.
Utilizing Now as a platform in need of content, harnessing employee ambassadors for the added traffic, and riding on momentum from The Crash Pad, the series continues to generate top-of-funnel engagement and promote the aerospace industry as diverse in thought and culture.  
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