Long Form Editorial
Deep-dive interviews spotlighting artists and their roles within engineering culture  
Northrop Grumman Corporation, 2017-2020
"Art Innovates Life" film based off my "Corporate Street" interview with aerospace photographer, Brandon Balasbas.
Redondo Beach, California — In May of 2017, I wrote and published the first of what would become several interviews highlighting the juxtaposition of artists working within traditionally technical environments. The series aims to cast a wider net of engagement beyond the reach of traditional aerospace audiences — in this case to engineers enthralled with the arts who may never have considered a career in aerospace. Secondarily, these stories spark pride and enthusiasm amongst colleagues who know the subjects and appreciate their work.

"The Art of Engineering" is a 2020 film my team produced to accompany the "38 Years of Perfecting Inspiration" interview with Utah painter, Mark Waki.